Who is Ana Morgado?

Who is Ana Morgado?

Behind a face, there is always a story.


I am the face of a story of overcoming, resilience and transformation.

My journey has brought me here today, to this moment. I love houses, happy families, helping people make their dreams come true and seeing other people who didn't even dare to dream today know that anything is possible ... just believe! you just have to believe!


My journey in the real estate business began somewhat by accident and quite against the odds. Sometimes you have to give something a chance that you never thought you'd do, to find out whether or not it's really for you.

In my case... it was!

I'm grateful every day for the decision I made. Today I am completely involved in the world of luxury real estate, inspired by the power of turning dreams to reality.

I started my real estate business in 2010.

Those were difficult times, which left an important mark on me and which I now relate in a very positive way to the person and professional I have become.

After a break, I returned in 2014 almost as if by miracle, but this time I was determined to stay.

I launched my personal project with my brand ANA MORGADO Properties in 2016, and since then it has been a growth of learning and great challenges.




My journey into the world of coaching came as a result of a need I felt when I needed help with a project I was working on at the time.

Becoming a coach was one of the most incredible things that ever happened to me.

The training forced me to undergo a profound process of self-knowledge. I never imagined it would be so powerful. I couldn't have imagined how much there was to discover in myself. A whole new world has opened up to me and today I am a completely different person, with completely different life goals and dreams.

All of this was a discovery, only possible because it allowed myself to do something I hadn't even considered doing.

We have to keep an open mind and, above all, believe that if this is happening in our life, it's for a reason... it's up to each of us to be curious and discover.

That's exactly what I did!


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